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My Disability Service

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About ME

People like to know about the people/person behind the services they seek.
"Hi my name is Tracey"

Violet Bouncing Feet

Violet Bouncing Feet


Violet Bouncing Feet

Violet Bouncing Feet

Violet Bouncing Feet

I care about what your loved ones require and need.

I will come to you and meet your needs.

With 3.5yrs experience and a mature attitude.

I Guarantee your  loved ones  will call me back.

I am a proud Australian who likes to see people happy and enjoying themselves.

I have worked with people young and the elderly, with varying degrees of disabilities, these include;

Autism, Acquired brain injury, Mental health, Cerebral Palsy, Developmental Disability, Learning Disability, Motor Impairment, Epilepsy.


At present I am learning Makaton signing.

My Experiences

I am deticated to helping those in need.

Hoisting - Manual Handling

Personal care - Grooming

Medication - Feeding

First Aid - CPR

Domestic care

Community Care



3.5yrs Experience


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Violet Bouncing Feet

The one who cares